Become a financial markets expert.
Do you want to:
  • Gain insight into the global financial markets?
  • Identify what drives FX rates, oil prices and stock indices?
  • Find out why inflation, employment and GDP matter?
  • Recognize what impacts the level of interest rates?
  • Easily understand financial news and press?
  • Develop a view on future market direction?
  • Differentiate yourself and accelerate your career?
  • Become a better trader and investor?
Explore the world of finance with our in-class financial courses
Wide range of topics
Our training courses cover a wide range of topics within the fascinating world of financial and capital markets.
Developed by industry professionals
All programs are prepared by finance sector professionals who have decades of experience working within financial markets and products.
For all levels and experiences
Our short courses range from beginner classes covering basics of finance and economics, all the way to advanced programs on financial derivatives and quantitative finance.
Why choose Perfiliev Financial Training?
Exceptional instructors - taught by practitioners and doers.
Advanced domain knowledge and subject matter expertise.
Dynamic, interactive and entertaining teaching style.
Practical demos and real-life examples.
Training material to take-away, study and review.
Post-training support and access to our tutors.
What do training participants say?
Head of Pricing
“Sergei has a dynamic approach to teaching and his ability to breakdown complex commercial concepts makes learning easy and memorable. I still remember his enthusiasm after 7 years and always happy to learn from him.”
Accounts Manager
“Sergei led various financial trainings and I really enjoyed his teaching style and dedication to his students. He always made sure students were engaged and understood the topic before moving on. I would recommend Sergei for his professionalism and deep knowledge.”
Data Analyst
“Amazing training! Sergei does a great job at explaining the concepts using simple analogies which makes the complex world of finance very clear.”
Financial Sales
“As part of a financial training program, Sergei equipped me with the knowledge that I am still benefiting from seven years later. He has an ability to deliver complex subject material in a digestible way.”
Account Executive
“Sergei held one of the best training sessions on equity derivatives at the onset of my career in finance. He was able to put together a fully comprehensive and detailed yet digestible programme. His strength is delivering complex concepts in a simplified and engaging manner.”
Financial Software Engineer
“Sergei taught me statistics in the context of equity asset prices and he managed to help me finally connect the maths to the real life applications of it. He's very practical and effective in helping you understand hard concepts.”
Financial Sales
“Sergei is a very good teacher, and is able to explain clearly complex concepts. I felt his course was time well spent.”
Financial Software Developer
"An excellent presenter and an enjoyable course, complex material presented in an approachable fashion."
Investment Professional
“Sergei is one of the best instructors I have ever met. He understands people learn in different ways and can adjust his teaching style. I would highly recommend him, especially when you are trying to learn something complicated or you want to learn something quickly.”
Machine Learning Engineer
“Sergei’s lucid explanations helped me get a deeper grasp of the concepts I was grappling with, whilst giving me a new perspective on the material. I credit him with getting me up to speed when I needed it most.”
Quantitative Developer
“Sergei's sessions were great! He always made them engaging and fun.”
Software Engineer
“I attended Sergei's derivatives training a few years ago. Sergei clearly explained what they are, the motivation behind them and how they're traded in concrete terms. After the training I had a solid understandings on the topic and I would recommend Sergei's training.”
Perfiliev Financial Training
Finance. Explained well.
Curious to learn how the financial markets actually work? Exploring the possibility of becoming a serious investor? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for additional skills to advance your career.

Whatever your current level of knowledge or understanding, Perfiliev Financial Training has numerous courses designed to help you achieve these goals.

Held in the City of London, courses are delivered in a clear, easy-to-understand format, that encourages students to question and participate in the ideas presented to them.

Browse our courses, choose the one that’s right for you; and be sure to get in touch if you need further guidance.
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Perfiliev Financial Training was created to help individuals gain a thorough understanding of the financial markets, regardless of their current level of knowledge. Typically delivered as 2-day and 5-day courses, we specialise in delivering easy-to-understand, high-quality training, covering a wide range of topics within this fascinating world. We believe that education and learning should be engaging, exciting and even entertaining, and so we build all courses around this simple ethos. It reinforces our students’ understanding and allows them to relax and enjoy every moment of their time with us.