Finance. Explained well.
About Perfiliev Financial Training
Our mission.

Perfiliev Financial Training specialises in delivering high-quality training programs, covering a wide range of topics within the fascinating world of financial markets.

We believe that education and learning should be engaging, exciting and even entertaining and we prepared our courses with that in mind. Not only this reinforces understanding and strengthens material retention, but also allows participants to relax and enjoy the time spent.

Delivery is important.

While the subject of finance can be full of complex details, it is still a very dynamic, live and interesting topic – it should be presented accordingly.

Instead of simply discussing the material and listing concepts, we make them relevant through stories.

We show why something is important and necessary before explaining it.
We create a purpose first and then demonstrate how it’s fulfilled with financial products and services.
We link various financial ideas with a single unifying example and demonstrate how it all ties together.
We do all this while keeping the class engaged and involved in the subject.
Clarity is also important.

Classes are run for students and the key objective for them is to understand the subject.

It sounds obvious, but there are many cases when teachers forget this and give lectures as if it’s only them in the room.

We give students every opportunity to think, question, clarify and participate in the ideas presented to them.
We deliver the material gradually, supporting it with examples and practical demos.
We break down complex topics into smaller concepts and explain them without losing on the vital details.
And finally:
Substance is important.

Without instructor’s thorough understanding of the subject, backed up by practical experience, the first two points lose all significance.

We pride ourselves on creating comprehensive courses that are both educational and entertaining.

Our team.

When looking for the right training company, the quality and expertise of their people play an even greater role than anywhere else.

The difference between a good and a bad teacher can make an enormous difference for students and be the sole reason for their failure or success with the subject. Adding to the difficulty is the inability to assess the quality of the teachings before the start – once you begin a course, you can’t cancel mid-lecture.

Consequently, finding the right people to teach our courses is an exceptionally important mission for us.

And also a very challenging one.

Perfiliev Financial Training consists of professional finance practitioners, who:
  1. Accumulated an extensive amount of expertise working in financial industry.
  2. Gained the necessary teaching and coaching skills to communicate and explain the ideas in an easy-to-understand manner.
  3. Still apply the skills they teach in their everyday careers.
  4. Are passionate to share their knowledge and experience.
Our instructors.

Sergei Perfiliev

Sergei is an active trader focusing on trading equity derivatives markets and researching various related trading strategies and opportunities.


He started his journey in financial markets in the midst of 2008 Global Financial Crisis as a sales and trading intern in Goldman Sachs.


Since then he held various roles working across Equity, FX and Commodity markets in Bloomberg, before returning to Goldman Sachs as a Quantitative Analyst focusing on Equity Structured Products and Exotic Derivatives.


Throughout his career Sergei wanted to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues and in 2013 he ran his first training in Bloomberg, teaching Equity and Equity Derivatives to new joiners. In addition to his direct responsibilities, over the next few years Sergei continued to teach and expanded number of courses covering more and more topics.


He holds a Masters of Engineering (MEng) from Imperial College London and a Masters of Science (MSc) in Mathematical Finance from University of Oxford.